Our sponsor investors and private partners are focused on Food Security attainment in Africa with a climate friendly approach.  To be a sponsor investor, means your capital only is secured and interest will be paid on due date with the four steps below. We are also partnering with Manywaters Group on the sale of plots in a prime estate in Lekki as our expansion plan to recoup on losses made due to insecurity.

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Select your preferred category

On our site, click the investment option and pick which category and units that fit your financial goal and food security interest.

Create your account

With the category selected,you can automatically safely fill in your details. Please note, we verify your email address and phone number.

sponsor farm investment

Sponsor investment

Using direct transfer, USSD code or your ATM card, sponsor your investment with guaranteed returns while boosting food security in line with sustainable development goals and helping rural farmers

track your sponsorship

Track your sponsorship

You will have access to monitor your investment growth weekly. One week to your due payment date, your preferred account number will be requested  and entered into our system for payment on due date.